Media ZOONE Advertising provides radio advertising and radio broadcasting services to owners of businesses and businesses, as well as choosing the number of times to broadcast advertisement on the radio, as well as choosing specific programs and thus targeting specific audiences. ..


TV ads are one of the most important advertising mediums because they attract the most viewers. Advertisers can also choose the broadcast time and frequency of a TV ad. Therefore, Media ZOONE Company provides TV production and advertising services at the highest level of technology, production, photography and direction. ..


Media Zone Company is one of the most important pioneers of advertising in Egypt, where we deal with the pioneers of printing in Egypt as well, providing all printing services on all materials using the latest technology in this field, from modern machines and advanced machines to simulate European printing methods, which achieves what customers require from high production Quality and in record time ..

Media Services

Media servicesis the cornerstone of the media because of the psychological and moral effects it contains on the recipient. Also, media servicesis not a new thing in the media arena, but it has been around for a long time. Forever media coverage is the only way to know all the facts and present them to the recipient, who depends entirely on keeping pace with events through that media coverage. ..